Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, which is popularly known as activated charcoal, is a form
of carbon process to have large surface area available for adsorption and
chemical reactions. Due to its high degree of porosity, one gram of activated
carbon has a surface area about 3,000 sq mtr. There are three forms of
activated carbon :- granular activated carbon, powder activated carbon and
pellet (extruded) activated carbon. GAC has relatively larger particle size
compared to powder activated carbon, as a result the surface area is larger
in granular carbon. The carbon we offer is applicable for different applications
like ETP, STP, WWTP and for drinking water as well. This apart activated
carbon is also used in medical field to treat poisoning, edible oil to treat color,
agriculture, poultry feeds for removing toxins, also in food, beauty products,
breweries and distilleries industries.

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